Providing a unique personal service of one craftsperson per job from mold through patina

    4404 Perkins Avenue

    Cleveland, Ohio 44103



    Established in 1973, Studio      Foundry is a full service, solid investment foundry dedicated to the reproduction of fine art sculpture using the lost wax  casting process. Our facility offers precision moldmaking and wax work, intricate metal chasing and both traditional and exotic patinas. Our accomplished methods of casting insure superior quality at very competitive prices.

  1.     Solid investment Casting

  2.     Miniature to Monumental scale                             

  3.     One site mold-making

  4.     Polyurethane and silicone rubber molds

  5.     Direct wax casting

  6.     Technical assistance for monumental work


  1.     Full range of patinas and finishes

  2.     6000 pound capacity

  3.     Affiliation with fabricators

  4.     Marble and wood bases available

  5.     Free limited mold storage

  6.     Free estimates upon request

Watch a bronze pour at Studio Foundry (photographed and produced by Uri Davillier: